February 03, 2003

Adrian Vacca, a Dutch composer of experimental electronic music

[I am trying to catch up on all the stuff I have been meaning to blog over the last few months... This is old news, but still interesting. ]

When I was in a tiny town called Almen in the center of the Netherlands last year, I met a young man named Adrian Vacca. He has a Web page with samples of his original compositions in SuperCollider as well.

His latest project involved a multisenory performance that included original music, video and SMELLS!

The smells are produced by heating natural ingredients, and then blown into the audience with a fan. A blast of water vapor is used in between smells to clean the olfactory palate.

I hope to get avacca to perform in New York or Tokyo, and then go to see him! If anybody else is interested in contacting him, please send him e-mail at: vacca@civilrevoltage.com

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Posted by: SANDEEP on November 8, 2003 02:07 PM
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